Unique Materials

We asked our designers to select their favourite unique material. These products range from wall coverings to floor products that have caught our eye. Each designer gives you their insight on how to apply these materials in projects and what about the product stands out to them!


Felt has been around for a long time and is frequently used for acoustical reasons but until recently, it’s been a pretty simple product. Janna discovered a felt material that has unlimited colour and shape opportunities. Filzfelt holds all of the wonderful acoustical properties that felt is known for but has taken the aesthetics to the next level. Hanging felt wall divisions are a new way to divide a space and add sound assistance as well. Using the felt as hanging acoustical “clouds” in office spaces, conference rooms, and double story spaces is one of the many ways Filzfelt has pushed the boundaries with this widely used product.


Laura is loving this engraved parquet flooring. What’s great about this flooring is that it is wood versus tile (lately a lot of unique parquet styles are wood-look tile). Also, you are able to engrave almost anything on this floor which allows us as designers to really get creative! The engravings help create spaces without division, can allow you to use a “rug” in areas where rugs are not ideal, and gives a unique and custom look to your project.


Lindsey has discovered a great finish that modernizes the look of Terrazzo. This tile is a unique way of using a classic material in a contemporary way. This product doesn’t only look great, it’s much easier to install than real Terrazzo and allows you to be really creative with your installations. We have noticed many new installations of Terrazzo on fireplaces, bathroom walls, countertops, and many more.


Moss has been popping up everywhere in the design industry. Its installations on walls as artwork or the façade of the wall material itself has had an extremely positive result. Evan loves that moss is aesthetically pleasing but also holds acoustical properties in spaces where it’s needed. The upkeep is low and self-maintained which makes this statement even more desirable. Commercial spaces love this natural element in their indoor spaces as a natural statement. Also, moss is no longer just green, you’re able to change the colour to almost anything which really adds a personal touch to each space and ensures a unique installation.


This month Ashley has been all about brass inlays. This elegant but powerful touch can transform your simple flooring to something quite special. Brass inlays are being used in many more ways that they used to be. The concept makes the simple idea of “transitions” something more desired and is a detail that can be added between tiles, wood, on walls, etc. Brass inlays are an eye-catching way to making a field tile, wood floor, marble floor, or even threshold to threshold spaces much more luxurious.


All natural products in every market are a massive hit these days and especially in design. Ellie has been loving the natural and simple look of paper weaves and grasscloths. The hand woven and crafted products have beautiful variation that keeps each installation unique and individual. The wonderful thing about these natural products is the ability to dress them up and down in a space. The elegance of metallic threads and foil backing allows a little glamour whilst the rawness and knots of a grasscloth maintain a simplistic earthy style for all occasions and spaces.





Picture of Ellie Aiello

Ellie Aiello