Our Approach

What Makes Us Distinct

Janna Paulson and the PPDS team has provided full-service interior design and space planning expertise to multi-family, residential, hospitality, retail, and corporate clientele since 1989. PPDS is a woman-owned business that makes a bold statement. If you’re looking to update your residence, launch a new retail or corporate space concept or reinvigorate your workplace we offer a fresh and comprehensive analysis that reflects your style and needs. We travel the world to provide you with the best design solutions and utilize the most current technology to conceptualize your vision. Professionalism, integrity, education, talent and creativity are the foundation of our philosophy.


Janna Paulson, RID, LEED AP, WELL AP

President and Founder of PPDS since 1989, Janna directs and oversees company activities and personnel. Her expertise allows her to manage project budgets and schedules to ensure that the highest quality of professional interior design services are provided. A Registered Interior Designer, Janna has near four decades of experience in the operations, design and directing of interiors work. She currently sits on the Texas Book Festival Advisory Council, is on the President’s Cabinet for the Paramount Theatre, and is a member of The Texas Women for the Arts where she serves as Membership Co-Chair. Born in Abilene, Texas. Favorite color is PPDS blue. Hobbies include travel, food and golf. Favorite book is Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. My weakness is saying no to a good cause.

Project Manager

Ashley Perez, RID

As Project Manager, Ashley is involved in every phase of the design process from schematics to furniture selection and everything in between. Ashley’s attention to detail allows her to create well thought out spaces tailored to a client’s specific needs. She was born in San Antonio, Texas and her hobbies include travel, food and hiking with her dog, Callie. Ashley’s favorite color is heather gray. Her favorite TV show is Big Little Lies. Ashley would say her greatest weakness is not being able to say no!

Project Manager

Lindsey Kendrick, RID

As Project Manager, Lindsey is involved in every phase of interior design projects. Her tasks include design development, construction documentation, construction administration, interior finish selections, and furniture selections tailored to each unique project. Among her many strengths is her thoughtful design process creating one of a kind designs. She was born in Lamesa, Texas. Her favorite color is dark green. Hobbies include hiking, camping, yoga, music and anything SciFi. Lindsey’s favorite movie is The Fifth Element and her weakness is that she is a note taker/list maker. If it is not written down it most likely won’t get done. Something no one knows about her is that she makes up songs about her animals using their names/nicknames inserted into existing tunes. (So embarrassing!)

Project Manager

Margaret Leonard, RID

As Project Manager, Margaret is involved in every phase of the design process. From schematics to furniture selection and everything in between, her attention to detail allows her to create well thought out spaces tailored to a client’s specific needs. She was born in Dallas, Texas and her hobbies include Country Western dancing and sitting on the patio with her pups. Margaret’s favorite color is Turquoise. Her favorite Movie is August Rush and favorite book is The Last Lie I Told. Something no one knows about Margaret is she is a diehard Gilmore Girls fan and any day that she can quote Lorelei is a good day. Copper Boom! Margaret would say her greatest weakness is Coca Cola.

Project Designer

Catherine Boorman, RID WELL AP

As Project Designer, Catherine has jumped into the world of multi-family design at PPDS upon her graduation from Baylor University. She strives for timeliness and organization, allowing each component of design to be well-composed and produced with the upmost attention to detail. Catherine was born in Houston, Texas, but was drawn to moving to Austin because of how outdoor-oriented the city is and that everywhere is dog friendly. Some of her favorite activities include cooking elaborate meals, traveling to new cities, and trying out highly touted restaurants. A little known fact about Catherine is that she immediately bought a paddle board upon moving to ATX and can be spotted out on Lady Bird in her free time.

Project Designer

Bri Glossner

Bri has jumped into multi-family design at PPDS upon graduating from Texas State University. She strives for organization, innovation, and execution in every phase of design from schematics to furniture selection and loves collaboration throughout the entire process. Bri was born in Dallas, Texas and her favorite color is pink. Bri’s hobbies include travel, rock climbing, and cuddling with her two dogs. Her favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy and favorite book is A Fine Balance. Bri’s biggest weakness is anything chocolate! Something no one knows about her is that she is a certified phlebotomist.

Project Designer

Dakota Smith

Dakota fell in love with PPDS’ portfolio and mission when she discovered our job listing after her graduation from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. She combines her passions for design and psychology to live out her belief that everyone deserves access to a space where they can truly be themselves, and to have their personality reflected in the design of that space. Dakota was born and raised in Lakewood, CO, and her hobbies include hiking, water sports, painting, reading, and cooking. Her favorite color is yellow, favorite movie is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and she would never risk hurting her books’ feelings by picking a favorite! Something that few people know about Dakota is that she loves bluegrass music and wishes she could play the banjo
or fiddle.

Marketing Coordinator

Jamye Peel

As a Marketing Coordinator, Jamye is responsible for online presence such as website development, email campaigns, blog post and social media. She also prepares print advertising and promotional marketing materials. Jamye was born in Abilene, Texas. Her hobbies include hiking, kayaking, travel and exploration. Her favorite movies are Labyrinth & Life is Beautiful. Jamye’s guilty weakness is ice cream.

Procurement Manager


Karina holds the title of Procurement Manager and brings to the firm a multi-faceted talent for procurement. She was born in Nochistlan, Zacatecas and her hobbies include travel, running, and painting. Karina’s favorite color is pink. Her favorite movies are The Holiday and About Time. Her favorite books are The Old Man and the Sea and Animal Farm. Something no one knows about Karina is she designs shoes and would love to start her own shoe-line someday. Karina would say her greatest weakness is sweets.