Today’s Acoustical Design Solutions

Acoustical privacy is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in today’s office. Our work environment is becoming more diverse and noisy with the implementation of open-office floor plans, multi-functional spaces, and the ability to work mobile through technological advances. The 4-wall office is becoming a thing of the past, and it’s being replaced with open workstations and smaller private rooms for conferencing. Employees are also encouraged to utilize casual breakout areas throughout the office to brainstorm and collaborate with co-workers. Because of these evolving office trends, we are seeing a revolution in acoustical design solutions to help increase sound absorption and reduce sound transmission that are appropriate for the open office environment. Many of these innovative acoustical products go beyond office design and can be utilized in any space that needs a little help with noise control such as schools, restaurants, and homes. The following finishes and products have acoustic benefits but are more pleasing to the eye than standard methods of the past.


Acoustical Hanging Panel

Link by FilzFelt
Link by FilzFelt

Modular hanging acoustic panels provide a variety of design solutions for any open space. These panels can be suspended from a track and linked together to serve as a room divider or privacy screen. This type of acoustical product can even be used as a window treatment to shade light.


Acoustical Lighting

Mono by BuzziLight
Mono by BuzziLight

Decorative lighting can also provide acoustical benefits to a space. These felt pendants look great and are available in numerous styles and colors.


Acoustical Artwork

3. Parentesit by Arper
Parentesit by Arper

Decorative modular wall panels become modern artwork. These easy-to-install geometric panels add character to any type of space and absorb sound. You can group the panels together to cover an entire wall or you can hang them individually, the choice is yours to make.


Acoustical Furniture

4. Windowseat by Haworth
Windowseat by Haworth

Sometimes you need a more isolated space to call your own for a quick phone call or conversation. Acoustic furniture is a perfect solution that allows you to carve out a more private zone in open areas. There are a variety of acoustical furniture styles, some are for individuals, and others can accommodate groups of people.

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