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Design is in the details, and we love incorporating succulents when accessorizing any space. Succulents are fun plants that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures. I especially like bringing greenery inside at this time of year to add life and warmth during these colder months. We recently discovered one of Austin’s hidden treasures, East Austin Succulents. When visiting their nursery you are surrounded by beauty! They sell everything from small starter succulents to rare and exotic plants, you will definitely leave inspired! We also love the look of grafted cacti, when you take two separate plant species and grow them together as one you end up with such a unique look! East Austin Succulents also has one of a kind pre-made arrangements, great last minute gift ideas! When it comes to indoor plants, one thing is crystal clear — you don’t need a lot of greenery to make a big statement. Have fun playing around with funky cachepots and with how the plants are arranged and displayed! One of the best parts about succulents is they are relatively easy to maintain, check out our top 4 tips below!

Tips for Growing Succulents

  • Water: Don’t over water. If you stick a finger in the soil and feel moisture, don’t water it. You want the soil to dry out between watering so that the plant’s roots go looking for water
  • Soil: Choose a soil that drains well so the roots can completely dry out in between waterings
  • Sunlight: The best place for keeping your succulent plants indoors is somewhere near a window
  • Containers: Make sure containers have drainage holes to allow excess water to exit. Slip your succulent into a fun cachepot, and you’ll have instant décor!

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