Neocon 2018: Standout Trends

Every year Interior Designers and Manufacturers flock to Chicago for one of the largest and most anticipated shows of the year for commercial design.  Innovations and new introductions that will drive the coming year (or years) are revealed here.  This year PPDS had the opportunity to attend this major event and we walked away with some major inspiration.  Here are just a few of the trends we noticed:

Monochrome Palettes – Finishes and Design

One emerging trend is the use of monochromatic color schemes in furniture finishes as well as whole room design. Varying shades and textures of a single color creates an unexpected impact, and can be used effectively in an office environment to help designate breakout zones or waiting areas.


Biophilic Design- Connecting to the Outdoors through Greenery and Design

A common design element that we saw throughout the show is the use of greenery in the office space, whether it is actual indoor plants or wallcovering that mimics a natural design, both can be very effective in creating a productive workspace. Research shows that “Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing; as the world population continues to urbanize, these qualities are ever more important.”


Small Spaces, Big Impact- Collaboration and Privacy

Space-planning for the open office has experienced a makeover recently, and the design was evident this year. Small “nooks” create the opportunity to move around the office to work or to collaborate in an informal setting. Touch-down work spaces provide the feeling of mobility and shared space in an open office. These small spaces have a huge impact on the overall layout, creating little moments of design in an otherwise open plan.
While an open office can provide many benefits, there is also the need to include small acoustically private areas for phone calls and small meetings. We saw many manufacturers providing these quiet spaces, which can be purchased like a piece of furniture, and inserted into any layout. They make an excellent addition to a high density workspace, without taking up much room.

Picture of Lindsey Kendrick

Lindsey Kendrick

As Project Manager, Lindsey is involved in every phase of interior design projects.