Las Vegas Market 2018

It is that time of year again, when PPDS travels to the Sin City to attend Las Vegas Market.  This year Laura, Ashley and Ellie made the pilgrimage with a mission to spot the up-and-coming furniture trends of Hospitality Design.  For those of you who do not know, the Las Vegas Market consists of 42 floors spread across three buildings, featuring furnishings, accessories, home decor, and outdoor furniture of all styles.  This market is a great way for Interior Designers to see everything under three roofs!

So, I am sure you are eager to experience what these three designers saw and are projecting as the next wave of trends in furniture design for 2018.

  1.  Keep it Brassy!

Brass is in! and everywhere.  This beautiful warm metallic adds warmth and depth to a space.  People are drawn to brass because it has imperfections and ages with the space.  Over time, brass will show its history of use and evolve with its owners. 


 2.  Don’t be such a Square…

When it comes to storage and accent furniture pieces, think outside the box.  Unusual shaped furniture allows you to incorporate your own personality into a space. We saw several large-scaled, functional storage pieces at Market that break the square mold.


  3.  Channel your inner Interior Designer.

Channel tufting has reemerged!  This plump, padded tufting style is being used with plush velvets and smooth leathers to add an artistic appeal to your space.  This “Old Hollywood” style is giving ordinary shaped furniture a nostalgic air.

  4.  It’s not your Grandma’s chair!

Wicker and rattan are still going strong!  While these are not the same style of chairs your grandma may have owned, they are still made from the same natural fibers woven together with hand crafted detailing.  Wicker and rattan furniture embraces the casual, eclectic characteristic that is most popular in the Bohemian design style.


  5.  I can show you the World…

Worldly accessories and textiles that can tell a story of travel and adventure is a big trend.  These decorative, natural, “found objects” gives a one-of-a-kind style to your space.


So now that we have shared with you five Interior Design trends for 2018, you can hopefully include one of them on your next furnishings purchase.  Stay trendy my friends!

Picture of Laura Wiggins

Laura Wiggins