Is BOLDER better?

Is bigger always better? Debatable.

But is BOLDER better? Definitely!

Incorporating bold patterns, colors and textures can transform a room and make it memorable!

It’s becoming easier and easier to execute bold and colorful focal points in the design of a space with the vast amount of resources now available to an interior designer. Porcelain and ceramic are straying away from the classic concrete and wood look and starting to embody big color palettes and bold patterns. This can be used to easily create a focal wall or an innovative floor covering. The image below is just an example of how transformative tilework can be!

Adding graphic patterns to an interior may seem intimidating, but the right balance can bring the design to its full potential. The best way to accomplish this is to combine prints in different styles and scales. Layering complementary, or even contrasting, patterns will enhance the visual interest.

The example below is showing a complementary graphic floor covering, drapery and art balanced by a solid fabric. Since all of the patterns coordinate, the space does not feel crowded or overdone.

Lastly, and my personal favorite, is the introduction of bold innovative wallcoverings that challenge what is considered acceptable in interior design. It not only establishes a focal wall, but makes the entire room transcend expectations. The remaining design can take two different directions. Firstly, the furniture, flooring and other wall surfaces, can be toned down and neutral, as to not draw focus away from the mural wall. Secondly, the remaining design can play into the bright and colorful wallcovering, as demonstrated with the chartreuse chair in the image above.

In whichever way the design is executed, my advice is to go bold or go home.

Picture of Margaret Stewart

Margaret Stewart

As Project Manager, Margaret is involved in every phase of the design process.