Geometry at NeoCon

This year at Neocon, we noticed a lot of geometric patterns. Why are they so popular? We see these shapes in nature even if we don’t realize it. We found them in furniture, on fabrics, and even in the bathroom sink! Current trends blend the use of color and shape to create a stunning display. Take a look at some of our most memorable finds:

  • Coalesse showed off the Sebastopol Collection at the conference. Mix and match your favorite shapes to create a one-of-a-kind living room. These unique tables can be used as side tables or front and center as a coffee table.
  • The Diamonds Side Table by Sandler was inspired by natural crystalline forms which align in specific geometric patterns. It was designed by Sandro Tonon and comes in a beautiful American Black Walnut finish.
  • The First Class Chair, also by Sandler, was a show-stopper and comes in hundreds of fabric options.
  • Kohler introduced the Briolette Sink, an on-the-counter design with natural precision.
  • Lumicor partnered with Leatrice Eiseman,the Executive Director of  the Pantone Color Institute, for their Luminous line. This stunning wall feature uses shades of pomegranate, calypso, and sea glass.
  • Snowsound‘s acoustic panels are smart and beautiful with their unique design. Plus, they are made of 100% recyclable polyester.
  • Milliken’s Lume e Lustro optical illusion carpet design is bold and fun. It also has the added bonus of contributing to LEED points.
  • OFS Brands got creative with this re-purposed wall.
  • DesignTex Chiyogami was inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Designed to be used as drapery, the dimensional folds of the fabric contribute to sound absorption.
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