Fashion and Interior Design

Interior Design encompasses an unimaginable amount of trend research in not only interiors and architecture itself but also in fashion. Fashion has played the role of trend setter in the design industry since its birth. From patterns, colours, and textiles to the minute details such as stitching, pattern cuts, and shapes, fashion design has paved the way for trends in interior design for centuries.

Companies such as Knoll have based their textile collections on the current fashion trends. Heavy tweed stitching, plaid patterns, vibrant neon colours, and unique prints inspired by major fashion designers like Alexander McQueen have all made a prominent appearance in Knolls collection. Yellow is clearly making a statement this season and Knoll caught on quick … Gucci features this colour in their latest advertisement and its popping up everywhere in fashion magazines and now it’s all over interiors.

The popular fashion brand Suno has also created a collection for Knoll. Optimism and confidence guided the design inspiration for these textiles and include a wide variety of unique prints and textures.

Fashion designers are now creating lines of interior products ranging from furniture to wallcovering. This connection has been made and acted on due to the obvious influence and response fashion creates in the design industry. Chanel, for example, has released their new collection of the season: Celestial Inspiration. How does this impact interiors? Interiors is now mixing metals and metallics in interior applications throughout all project types.

Gucci has made a comeback in fashion and is now dabbling in interior applications like furniture. The positive response of their newest collections has inspired the designer to delve into furniture design and let’s just say … it screams Gucci. Large scale animal prints, deep colours, velvet textures, and metallics embody the collection. For some, this might be too bold, but for others, they carry a line of extreme statement pieces for every project. Take a look at the furniture pieces and see what you think.

Think about one of the most classic fashion designers, Ralph Lauren; Ralph introduced his company to interiors years ago and created one of the most successful interior home brands out there. His classic and timeless design in clothing translated extremely well into furnishings and homeware. His overall design aesthetic is replicated all over the world and has set the inspiration for countless hospitality designs.

As we discuss fashions extreme influence on interiors, we think about its increasing influence in the recent years. What is the medium that carries this influence? Social Media. Social media has played a major role in the everlasting connection between fashion and interiors. As it does with many other things, social media directly connects all aspects of design. New couture designs featured in fashion week were only immediately visible to the VIP’s that could attend the shows in Paris, New York or Milan, but now, everyone can see the catwalk on Instagram or Youtube in real time. This exposes all levels of design and trends and no longer delays the reveal to the general public. This instant gratitude, so to speak, allows fashion to reach interiors at a much faster pace and has fashion trends influencing interiors more than ever before.

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