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Back in August, I was invited to Delta Faucet Company’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana for The Discover Delta Experience. This custom-tailored trip allowed me to have a behind-the-scene look at Delta Faucet Company and see the steps it takes from conception to production for Brizo, Delta, and Peerless brand fixtures. Let me tell you, Delta Faucet Company has a team of passionate people who really know how to cater to a bunch of Texas Interior Designers. The education was made fun, the hosts were friendly, and the BBQ was big!

Design is all around us! Our first Delta Experience session was learning about Delta Faucet’s design process and where the Product Designers draw inspiration for their creations. The small team of ten or-so Product Designers travel and look to other design industries for intriguing forms to incorporate into plumbing fixtures. After the research and sketches of design development, a 3D printer is used to bring the concept fixture alive, a critical part of the design process. A faucet’s design is not good if it does not work, and 3D printing a life size fixture helps work out the kinks between form and function.



Next, our group was shuffled down to the basement to take a tour of Delta Faucet’s testing labs. We were greeted by the lead supervisor, a man who has been with Delta Faucet for over 30 years and knows everything about the lab. Delta puts their products through vigorous simulations, testing everything from faucet parts, to water flow, to product packaging to insure they have a superior product for customers. We finished the tour with a visit to Delta Faucet’s showroom where all fixtures were on display for us to see up close and personal.


This trip was packed with so much great information; however, the one thing I found most valuable was learning about and seeing, first hand, the science and technology that is incorporated into Delta Faucet products. In today’s technology crazed society, everything is becoming faster, more efficient, and centered around the end user. So, it’s no surprise Delta Faucet has developed a few new features to keep up with the craze.

Delta’s new Touch2.0 system is a very impressive feature and its backstory is something I found most intriguing. It all began with a study conducted by Delta Faucet. Cameras were set up in people’s homes to observe how households interacted with their kitchen faucet. After a few months, Delta discovered a common occurring issue across all participants in the study. The issue was people did not want to touch their kitchen faucet with dirty hands. They would go to great lengths to avoid touching the faucet; some used tools like a wooden spoon or knife, to turn on the water! Delta addressed this common problem with some forward-thinking technology, Touch2.0. This new system allowed users to tap the faucet anywhere on the fixture, not just the water valves, to turn the water on and off. The Engineer who helped develop Touch2.0 talked to our group about the technology behind the proprietary system while we got to play with Touch2.0 faucets at the interactive display in the showroom.



Delta Faucet has also developed a revolutionary system for shower heads that focuses on water efficiency but does not leave the end user disappointed. H2OKinetic technology creates a shower experience that is 3 times the coverage of a standard shower system while maintaining highly-efficient water use. In one of our group sessions we discovered the technology for this system was inspired by the same mechanisms found in old-school Volvo headlight windshield wipers! Shower heads with H2OKinetic technology have a specially designed chamber integrated into the fixture to create velocity and sculpt the water into a unique wave pattern.



I can honestly speak for H2OKinetic technology first hand. After returning home from our trip, I trashed my old showerhead and got one with H2OKinetics. It really works! The water droplets are indeed larger and move for maximum coverage.

Lastly, who doesn’t need an LED lit toilet seat to help guide you in the night. Delta Faucet has introduced the Sanborne toilet seat to light your way and even help with potty training. The soft blue LED light does not require an outlet because it runs off four AA batteries which last up to six months. The NightLight feature glows whether the seat is up or down and a self-activating timer ensures no energy is wasted.



The Discover Delta Experience is one for the books! I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to engage with industry experts and other Texas Interior Designers. After participating in this trip, it really comes to light how passionate Delta Faucet is about the delivery of water and the integrity of their products. The company does an excellent job at combining beauty with technology and I am excited to see what’s next.






Picture of Laura Wiggins and Ashley Mobley

Laura Wiggins and Ashley Mobley