a new year, a fresh start

we have the urge to purge!

2016 is here, and it is time to take charge! I love starting the year fresh with an organized space and a clean slate. Let’s be honest, our office is like our second home and since we’re busy at work, sometimes we forget to organize the areas around us. The PPDS team has made it our new year’s resolution to keep our workspace as organized as possible! Some of you may have seen one of our recent Facebook and Instagram posts showing a sneak peek into PPDS’s new office finish selections! We are beyond excited to have a fresh new work environment! Before we start the remodeling process we decided to organize every room in our office. We definitely had the urge to purge! Check out a few of our top tips that will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the magic of a workspace! Some of the tips may seem too simple but our lives often become so chaotic we forget.


top tips

1. Toss, Recycle, Donate Throw out and/or recycle items you don’t use on a regular basis, and donate what you don’t want or need.

2. Create a Pending Folder A pending folder helps not only designates a specific area for pending tasks it also helps clear off your workspace! Quick tip: Color code your task by priority with a colored post-it note, folder, etc. . .

File Folders

3. Label, Label, Label We absolutely love our easy-to-use label maker! Labeling not only helps you stay better organized, it also helps others function more independently in your workspace.

Binder Clips

4. Go Vertical If you use it often, keep it close. But if you only use it every once in a while, store those items in high or low storage spots to open up space. We like to use sturdy vertical shelves to store all types of design-related items!

5. A Place for Everything & Everything in Its Place – By having a designated place for supplies and other frequently used items you should always be able to quickly and easily locate the items you’re looking for. Also, have a designated supply area to keep stock of everyday office items.

  Pen Cup

6. Keep a Notebook & Calendar Close By – Have a notebook or journal to keep a record of telephone messages. You can also use it to jot down important notes and reminders during phone calls. This way you’ll have a record of all your calls and conversations in one place.

Notebook Holder

7. One In, One Out Policy – As designers, we constantly get the latest and greatest samples from our manufacturers’ representatives, which we absolutely love! But as you can imagine all of those samples accumulate rather quickly! The PPDS team dedicates 30 minutes of purge time each week to organize and simplify our resource library.

Last but not least…

8. Get Your Desk in Order Before You Leave Make this a part of your daily routine. At the end of each day tidy your workspace. A disorganized desk leads to chaos, clutter, and stress.

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Kendall O' Mary