2014 las vegas design market trends

Modern, Retro, Vintage. . .

Are you drawn to more than one style when choosing furniture? Mixing and matching various textures livens up a space! Don’t worry about adhering to one.

There were three new trends that caught our eye at the Las Vegas Design Market this January. Keep reading to find out more about what we saw.

Mixing simplicity with craftsmanship, Danish Modern was first a hit in the 1950s and 60s. The contemporary version of the style brings in an eco-friendly consciousness to fit in with current sustainability expectations. These consoles we saw would be perfect for a narrow entryway: the Boxcar Media Center from Seed Furniture, the Catalina Collection from Copeland Furniture, and the Presidio Entertainment Credenza from Bassett Furniture.

Karen Robertson Collection has come up with an innovative method for bringing nature indoors. Harvesting sea fans from the ocean, they dye them vivid shades of coral and turquoise and frame them minimally in white. Hanging a set of these in your home would allow you to attain a modern, clean design but add a warmth that comes from natural materials. We love seeing elements of nature blended into the latest designs. Jo-Liza International has devised chairs that appear to be formed out of lacy rope, and Accent Decor makes side tables that look like their base is made from tree branches.

Pop Art is characterized by its bold colors, mass appeal, and ease of production. These Clocks from POLaRT have a very traditional line, but are then painted with bright colors to give it a little edge. Oliver Gal Artist Company is making Warhol-Inspired art prints. Pacific Connections has produced a set of furniture that mimics Mondrian’s famous “Composition No. 10.”

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